06 April, 2006

Windows and Mac: The Convergence

Well, it's officially started: Apple will dominate the world one day. With the release of Apple Bootcamp, you can run Mac OS X and Windows XP on your Mac. It just asks you which operating system you would like to run every time you start up your computer.

This will completely eliminate any compatibility problems between PCs and Macs. If you receive a file you can't read, just boot up Windows. This will also convince everyone that hasn't bought a Mac yet because they can't run their old programs.

The only criticism I have is this: OS X has become part of the signature Apple "look," and running Windows on an iMac would just look so wrong. Even so, the Mac Mini is lookin' pretty good...

A very smart move by Apple.


Anonymous said...

Not a very smart move by Apple.
Why will companies spend vast amounts of money to rewrite programs for the mac O/S when apple computers can now run windows. Less software will be written for the native mac O/S

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