19 April, 2006

Google Innovations

Google is churning out the goods. Maybe I've just been out of it, but they seem to have a ton of brand new awesome stuff. Google Calendar, Google Page Creator, Nifty Firefox Extensions, you name it. And of course, Gmail is always being updated. Here's some quick synopses:
  • Google Calendar - A scheduling calendar. I read about it on a blog where the guy said he was going to stop using iCal for Google's alternative. And, since it's on the web, it's accessible anywhere.
  • Google Page Creator - An extremely user-friendly personal website creator. I whipped up my home page in about five minutes. It handles everything behind the scenes. Choose your page "look," choose the layout, and you're good to go. You just enter text and use the controls like you would in a word processor.
  • Nifty Firefox Extensions - Now, in addition to their Google Toolbar, Google is releasing extensions for Firefox. I only downloaded the blogging one, but the others look good too.
  • Google Base - A quick easy way to share a family recipe, tell the world how you feel about chimpanzees, or whatever you want.
It's pretty cool stuff. Who wouldn't want to work at Google?

NOTE: To see a lot of this new, elegant stuff when it first comes out, check out Google Labs and The Google Blog regularly.


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