29 May, 2005


Hey, are you still using Windows Media Player? Yeah yeah; I know. They just came out with Media Player 10 and all but, have you seen iTunes? They have it for PC's now! It's about a bazillion times better! It's a lot easier to create play-lists. You can create a smart play-list: All you do is enter the artist or album, and it creates a play-list with everything you specified in it! So, all I have to do to create a play-list for Boston, is select "New Smart Play-list", type in Boston, and that's it! It takes anything and everything by Boston and puts it in a play-list! It's pretty sweet. It has a cool visualizer too. You can also burn MP3 CD's. I haven't tried that yet so I don't know how it works. Plus, it has the spiffy Apple style interface. It's better than any of the skins for WMP (Windows Media Player).

Also, if you had a bunch of music on your computer with WMP, like I did, all you do is start up iTunes and it automaticly imports all your .wma files into MPEG-4 (Apple) format. Seeing as I had sooo much music, it took quite awhile to import everything but, hey! It's better than having to copy everything all over again!

So, take my word for it. Leave WMP in the dust:

Download iTunes


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