27 May, 2005

Firefox Google Toolbar

Okay, so I was doing some news browsing the other day and I found a article about the new Google Toolbar 3.0. The article was asking why they haven't come out with a toolbar for Firefox. I'll tell you why: It doesn't need it! The only reason Internet Explorer needs it is because it doesn't have any built in search box, and, if you don't have SP2, it doesn't block pop-ups! I was looking on browsehappy.com and they say that IE is very unsafe. I don't use it unless I have to. I use Firefox all the time. I tried Opera for awhile but it's kind of annoying. Being stuck in tabbed browsing. Firefox hides the tab bar if you only have one page open. It's pretty cool.

So, if you're still using old Internet Explorer, join the rest of us:
Get Firefox


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