13 October, 2010

Greek Aphoristic Bumper Stickers

An assignment for class today. Pretty fun.

συμφορά ἐστι βίος.
[Misfortune is life.]

ὁ ξένος ἔσεσθαι ὁ φίλος.
[The stranger will be a friend.]

θάνατος οἴσεις εἰρήνην.
[Death will bring peace.]

οὐχ ἡ ἀλήθεια ὅδε ὁ βίος ἐστι.
[This life is not reality.]

βίοειν πονηρός.
[To live is wicked.]

ὁ ἄλογος δεινός.
[The irrational are terrible.]

εἰρήνη: οὐ τί;
[Peace: Why not?]


Anonymous said...

"δαιμονα δόσω, motherfucker"

(I will give you your fate)

-M. Rawn

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