23 January, 2010

Suburbia's Coddled Kids

Found this at Sam Weller's bookstore in Salt Lake City. It looks to be good. The synopsis reads:
"If we were once a melting pot," writes Peter Wyden, "we are no longer. The ingredients in the pot are separating and congealing . . . More and more kids come to know only their neatly manicured, fumeless, comfortably monotonous bedroom communities where there are almost no old people, no poor, no childless, no Negroes, either no Jewish families or many, no sidewalks, no places to explore except by mother-chauffeured car, no houses or incomes too different from those of their parents."
And the best part: This book was published in 1962.


katherine.irwin said...

I love it! Wow...have we really gotten worse since then? If it was happening then than how will he even be alive 40 years from NOW? Ahhhhh! Life is scary!

Mark said...

One of the first serious books I read as a teenager. It still rings true.

The Indo-europians have to move out of the way. There's a new push from Asians and Latinos seeking the soft and spoiled lifestyle.

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