12 January, 2010

Recent Music Additions

  • We Were Here - Joshua Radin

    Beautiful acoustic guitar and meaningful lyrics. Good stuff. Special thanks to Sierra for introducing me to his music.

  • In Our Bedroom After the War - Stars

    Good good stuff. Especially "Personal" (See previous post) and "Barricade." Also thanks to Sierra.

  • EP - Annasay

    Really polished sound and catchy songs for a band you've never heard of.

  • Notes and Rhymes - The Proclaimers

    The duo has released possibly their best album ever.

  • I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers

    Nice folk/country sound with good lyrics and quirks that keep you listening.

  • He Poos Clouds - Final Fantasy

    Complex violin parts and unique songs written by a total nerd. As before, good stuff.

  • Live at Schubas - Zoe Keating

    Experimental cello music using a sampler and a lot of talent. Incredible music.

  • Music for Egon Shiele - Rachel's

    Modern classical. Extremely image-evoking and powerful to hear.

  • Lantern - Clogs

    Also modern classical. Maybe a bit "edgier" than Rachel's, and very deep and intriguing.

I highly recommend them all.


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