02 March, 2006

An Incredible Milestone

It's a milestone. Wikipedia has now published one million articles. That's a seven-digit number! The lucky one millionth story article published was about Jordanhill Railway Station. Other articles created within the same minute included an overview of the Tennessee Commissioner of Financial Institutions, a biography of baseball player Aaron Ledesma, and a look at cellular architecture.

You can find just about anything on Wikipedia. There is even an article on REBOL, which is constantly edited by all the gurus. I have also seen dozens of other sites using their exact design, which Wikipedia is probably making a lot of money off of. I use it for all my research. Sure, you could spend $50 bucks and get Encyclopedia Brittanica with less information, not as good organization, and have to wait for the CD, but, why? My advice: Use Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Publishes Millionth Article


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're actually post more often! Keep it up!

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