20 February, 2006

The Best Designed Product in the World

I am now the proud owner of an iPod. A 30GB iPod video, to be exact. I am here to tell you that it is the best designed and most thought-out product on the market. Just about everything about it is perfect. Here are some of the good things about it:
  • Brilliant display - Viewing pictures is incredible; watching videos drains the battery, but it's still pretty darn cool. It actually looks better than my computer monitor.
  • Navigation is a breeze - Turning the click-wheel turns the volume down, which is great if someone comes up to you and starts talking. The click-wheel can blaze through pictures or long playlists with ease. If you don't want buttons being pushed, you just flip the hold switch.
  • Looks incredibly cool, even when it's off - With it's mirror-like reflective back, elegant white front, and the utter thin-ness of it, it's stunning. Just wait 'till you turn in on!
  • Does even more than I thought it did - You can import contacts from Outlook; There are four different games you can play: Brick (Breakout), Music Quiz, Parachute (Paratrooper), Solitaire. Music quiz is very cool: It starts playing a song, and you have a multiple-choice question about the song; Who the composer is, what album it's from, etc, etc. Solitaire is by far the hardest game to play. The click-wheel works just great for the other three though. It also has a clock that you can set to any time-zone in the world. You can import your calendar from Outlook. You can load text files from your computer and view them as notes. It has a stopwatch. And last, but not least, you can set up a screen-lock so it can't be turned on without you entering a four-digit code. You can even customize the main menu to show practically anything you want.
  • The earbuds sound great - I thought about buying some expensive headphones to go with it, but the earbuds blew me away. They sound fantastic. Unless you will be using the Apple Lossless format and listening to Handel's Messiah, you won't need more than the earbuds.

I also have a pretty cool case to go with it. Here's a picture. I would recommend it to anyone who owns an iPod video. Another accessory that I am planning on getting is Xtreme Mac Voice Recorder. The only thing is that it costs $80 bucks. Someday!

The only real problem I can think of at the moment is that the back scratches quite easily. That isn't a problem any more, seeing as I have a nice case.

There are many other things that I haven't covered here. The earbud cable is the perfect length to reach to my pocket, for example. If you are even considering getting an MP3 player, spend the extra: Get an iPod. You won't be disappointed.

Another note: The next iPod will be even more incredible. Read all about it.


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