09 June, 2005

PS3, XBOX 360, Revolution, which to choose?

I'm going to have quite the time deciding which next-generation game system to purchase when they all come out. The XBOX 360 comes out first; around Christmas 2005. The Nintendo Revolution and the Playstation 3 come out sometime in 2006. The XBOX 360 is going to have removable hard drives for all your saved games, stuff you've downloaded from XBOX Live, and anything else you can think of. You can even hook up your XBOX to your home computer network and share files that way. The PS3 is going to have some sort of double-layer DVD drive that can hold something like 4.7 GB of data. The only problem is, it looks like a printer! Oh well. The Revolution, Nintendo's new machine, is finally going to have a full-size disc drive. It looks incredibly slick. Just do a Google image search and you'll find it. It can lay flat or, since it comes with a stand, it can stand upright. It's about the size of three standard DVD cases stacked. Whereas with the XBOX 360, it's practically a tower! Nintendo still ruled the market for mobility.

And then there's the whole thing with Sony coming out with the PSP. Now we have Sony PSP versus Nintendo DS. The PSP does look really cool. It can play all sorts of videos, you can store music on it (I think), and, of course, you can play games on it. But, then again, the DS is pretty awesome too. With the dual screens (hint, "DS") and the bottom one being a touch screen. I knew one guy who used the pointer from his Palm Pilot on his DS because it worked better. Also, it's Nintendo. You can't get Mario, or Samus, or Donkey Kong or any other cool carachters without Nintendo. Another thing to consider is the price. The PSP is something like $229 and the DS is only $149. That makes a difference too.

But, for now, I'm happy with my Gamecube. "Mario Kart: Double Dash" is the best game in the world! Although, Metroid Prime is pretty good too...


Unknown said...

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