05 January, 2005

Pointless Websites

Does anyone want to do some pointless browsing? If you do, just check out these links:


I just don't see the point in these websites! What in the world are you going to do on a WD-40 website?! Forgive me for criticizing these websites but, in my opinion they are utterly and completely pointless. Maybe they made them just so it looks nice on their packaging or something.

Now for some not so pointless browsing!

Anyone with a broadband, sattelite, or DSL connection should play this game:


It's called "TextTwist". It's really fun. If you have slow internet (like me) you can just click "Download" on the right side of the page. That's what I did considering it took half an hour to download, I don't even want to try to play it online.

If you want to see REBOL in action you can look at the new web browser plugin demo's here:


When you open the page it will ask you if you want to install the plugin. Rest assured, it will not do anything undesirable to your system. If you do not install the plugin you will not be able to view the demo's. While looking at a demo you can click "View Code" near the bottom of the page to view the REBOL code generating the demo. Some of it may be a little advanced though. I'm not sure.
(NOTE: plugin is only available for IE at this point)


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