15 December, 2004

It continues...

Well, a new day begins. Nothing exciting happening today. Oh well. Anyway, on to REBOL. I
must make clear before going any further that it's pronounced like "rebel" not "reebol". As I said yesterday, you should look at http://www.rebol.com and read all about it. I haven't tried any other languages but, from what I've heard it's really good for a lot of things compared to other languages. If you want to buy a book on REBOL, there are only two in english at this point. One is the "Official Guide to REBOL" and the other is "REBOL for Dummies". There is at least one other book also but, it's in french. (if you're from France or speak french, check out
http://www.rebolfrance.com) I haven't read the "REBOL for Dummies" book yet and I am working on the "Official Guide" at the moment. I am also working on starting a rebsite (REBOL website) for the very very beginning people. If I get it up and running I'll post the link on here so you can look at that if you are interested. Now, don't go getting the impression that I'm a REBOL master or anything. I am quite the opposite. You can ask me all the questions you want and I'll try to answer them, but no garunteees.
Changing the subject. Does anyone know of a cheap or free HTML generator? Something like
Frontpage or Dreamweaver but, a lot cheaper. There is no way I could afford either of the above. I really want to make an actual website but, I've tried HTML and well, quite frankly, I don't like it. Too many unnecessary tags and, well I'm not going to go through everything I don't like about it. Anyway, if you know of somewhere I could download or purchase something like this please let me know. It would be much appreciated. The download couldn't be too big though. (stupid dial-up) Changing the subject again. Is anyone an Oingo Boingo fan? As I write this "Good for your Soul" is playing in the backround. Some of you might think I'm a little weird but, I really like 'em. Danny Elfman is incredible. He's written too many soundtracks to count. He also wrote all the music for "The Nightmare After Christmas". Incase any of you haven't seen it, it's the stop-motion animation. You know where they have to take 24 pictures for every second of film? Insane. He's also the singing voice of Jack in that too. Amazing. I am very compatible in my music listening ability. Sometimes I listen to classical piano, sometimes opera (very rarely), rock, Oingo Boingo (they don't classify as any of the above.), and everything inbetween. The only thing I probably never listen to would be rap. I just can't stand the stuff.
Once again, the subject is changing. :) Have you read "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini? If you picked it up at the library once and then set it back down because of the dust jacket quote,
you made a big mistake. The liner notes don't make it sound very good but it's incredible. It's
book one in the Inheritance Series. It's going to be a trilogy. If you are at all interested you
should check the book out at the library and look at http://www.alagaesia.com. The amazing thing is he graduated from high school at fifteen and published his first book (Eragon) at nineteen! I'm pretty sure he's twenty-one now. That's kind of an inspiration for me. It show's me that I can do anything I want at any age. I guess I couldn't join a retirement home at thirty though so...
Well I guess that's all for now. Anyway, check REBOL out, listen to Oingo Boingo, read
"Eragon", and well, keep checking on this blog! :) Later!


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