30 December, 2004


Lightning fast is what it is. Gmail I mean. No kidding. It's lightning fast even on my dial-up connection! Incredible. I was invited to try out a free Gmail account about a week ago and well, it rocks. It just flat out rocks. You get one gig of space, you can import contacts from most other email programs (Outlook, Eudora, etc) or services (MSN, Yahoo, etc), and you can invite other people to try it out too! Plus, it's hosted by Google. Can't beat that. You can learn more about it's features here:


I would highly reccomend it for anyone looking for a good email provider, change in email or, something that they can check while on the road. Unfortunately, it's not available to just anyone. You have to receive an invitation from someone to create an account. Oh well. Hopefully it will be available to everybody someday.


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