01 March, 2011


Keeping aware is hard. There are approximately 700,000 things happening this very second, if not more. How in the world can I keep track of them? I can’t. I can fess up to that right now. So there. Done.

I have this ideal image of a machine, a brilliant mechanism of spectacular technical capabilities. Taking in and putting out clear, clean, precise information in an easy, efficient manner. Little bits of knowledge on a crystal-fragment series of conveyor belts, never being misplaced or forgotten for a second.

We’re all on this perpetual, mandatory journey. All the street signs glare at us, giving so many options. Sometimes opportunities, sometimes distractions, sometimes disappointments. We sleep, we drive cars, we play baseball, we write novels, we go swimming, we screw in lightbulbs. Infinitely intricate simplicity.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going nonetheless. I’m learning to simplify, to appreciate, to love. I’m learning.

Streetlights above, I strive.


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