16 January, 2011


Ignoramuses plomp along sidewalks, and they really like what they see. Concrete, stores, brilliant dazzles of shiny glory, people their size. Then they can glance at the skyline and see nothing but buildings. Giant, oppressive buildings, looming above. Not imminently looming, but being the loom that weaves our tapestry. The warp and weft of all they've ever known. Just look one level higher, take one more step, breathe one breath deeper, and see the mountains! Cliché terms describe because they're true. Majestic, awesome mountains of the possibilities that lie in waiting. You could be hitch-hiking along life's road, and a potential will come along and run you over. But you won't die, or even be hit. You'll be doing consecutive backflips of pure, lucid joy as you radiate across the desert. You won't be wearing the same old clothes, because you'll have your own style.

Find your needle, and thread it.


Unknown said...

Very nice for the start of a new week. I really like it; it made me smile. 143

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