14 June, 2010

Since you didn't want a burger...

I went through a quite large box of things from camp yesterday. I decided a few things were worth saving digitally, if no other way. Reliving the experiences, I realized that 2006 and 2007 were some of the best summers I've had. As cheese-ball super-corn-dog as it may be, I will never forget the people I grew to know and love there.

To Forge, Nick Singleton (Domino), Possum, Slug, Melissa Gilleland, Brooke Tatilian, Hannah Hayward, the girls (Katie Skene, Megan Geraci, Leah Newton, etc), Supernova, Mahi Mahi, Dean Dugger, Marcos and Tony Wyatt, Dinawa, of course T.O., the little camper who wrote a recommendation saying "Penguin is the best leader ever!," and everyone else: Thank you.


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