18 April, 2010

Tracks of the Day

Bullets - Editors
This is basically a very catchy song by a very cool band. I won't pretend that the fact I can sing along with him makes it that much better.

Go Do - Jonsi
Jonsi, the lead singer of Sigur Ros, has released his first solo album. Fantastic is probably a decent adjective to describe the result. This is the opening track, and the first single. Watch the beautifully artistic music video too.

Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead
I've heard of Radiohead for awhile, but this is the first album I've actually listened to. The bizarre etherial synthesized atmosphere and effected vocals are interesting and unique. Good music for writing too.

Also check out Hammock. I'm a sucker for sweeping classical-esque instrumentals.


katherine.irwin said...

What sad day dost befall my computer? I can't listen to the songs you posted because it wants me to sign up with LaLa. I have thought about signing up before, but haven't. Ooooh and how to you put song links like that? I want to know! I will write down the song names and try to find them somewhere else. Check out my blog! I just made a post. :)

James said...

If you've already listened through the song once, you'll only get to listen to a 30-second clip. That's how LaLa works. :/

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