18 December, 2009

Insipid Existence

[rant] There simply MUST be a way for the world to be something other than it is. (See? I write that sentence, and immediately the answer hits me like a magic eight-ball to the skull.)

The answer! Is! ...serpective. Er, perspective.

I just have to look at things a different way.

[random] By the by, I love the people you see in book stores. Sometimes they're eclectic hipsters with a definite chic they're trying to attain. And sometimes they're frumpy old women who haven't worn a bra for 40 years with carpet bags for clothing. I love them all! [/random]

See things in a new light. If perception is reality, my perspective must become what I want my reality to be. Simple as that.

Simple in the sense that "I think, therefore I am," is simple. (AKA, ridiculously deep and practically mind-numbing. That kind of thinking should be left to people in musty libraries and regal churches. And me. For as everyone knows, I am a musty clergyman.)

Simple doesn't mean easy, and easy doesn't mean simple.

Such are the thoughts that late nights, driving, and In Our Bedroom After The War by Stars bring to mind. Adios. [/rant]


Steph said...
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Steph said...

I like this...just the other day I was thinking about my perspective on life & how simple it is for me to be thankful for the good things in my life instead of concentrating on my ailments. It puts a healthier, positive spin on my daily life. Keeps me halfway sane. It's all about perspective...

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