07 August, 2009


Society is screwed, to put it lightly. Did we really think that our economic models of infinite growth would last? I could be mistaken, but last I checked, we lived on a finite planet.

It boggles my mind to look at the massive transportation infrastructure we've built all over the world and the powerful influences that determine how things will progress. Cars may be able to run on electricity or just water and sunlight, but that doesn't make money for Ford or Exxon. And while they rake in the profits of the current system, we, the tax-payers, are paying the price. Whether it's subsidies, simply maintaining roads, or bailing out the auto industry, it all comes back to the people who benefit from the current system and how much power they exert.

In the global business society our world is, appealing to corporate CEOs altruism isn't going to make a big difference. We have to work from the bottom up: If ordinary people change their ways and stand up for what they believe, the corporations, governments, and societies will change accordingly. They will always do what benefits them most. Get rid of the subsidies that make fast food cheaper than local produce, for example, and we're starting down the right path. If enough people take a stance, all the biting, kicking, and screaming the power elite does won't have any effect.

We have the power. Use it wisely.


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