19 February, 2009

OS X Apps I Use

I am now a full-time user of the Mac. OS X Leopard on my MacBook is pretty much amazing. Here's a list of the applications I use the most (outside the native programs, like iTunes and Mail):
  • On The Job - Excellent time-tracking software that generates dynamic invoices.
  • Adium - Multi-protocol instant-messenger.
  • Skype - VOIP client (also good for easy file-sharing).
  • TextMate - Incredible customizable text editor with immense power.
  • 1Password - Password and information manager with handy browser extensions.
  • Schoolhouse - Assignment/Project todo-list for students.
  • Cyberduck - Freeware FTP client.
  • Seashore - Basic image editor.
  • Transmission - BitTorrent client.
  • XAMPP - Web server (great for local testing of CGIs, etc).
  • TrueCrypt - Disk/file encryption.
  • HandBrake - DVD ripper.
Other neat apps I don't use as often:
  • Paparazzi! - Easily takes snapshots of webpages.
  • ImageWell - Tiny image editor I use to watermark images.
  • Boxer - Easily run DOS programs as clickable packages.
  • Colloquy - IRC client.
  • Cabos - OSX equivalent to Limewire.
  • Delicious Library - Archive your book and movie collection.
  • Finale NotePad - Sheet music composition.
  • Burn - Basic CD/DVD burning utility (I mainly use it for burning .iso, etc).
  • WavePad - Audio editor.
And if you're looking to waste some time...


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