01 January, 2005

Resolutions? Nah.

Well, it's a new year again. What happened to 2004? A couple of weeks ago I was on my summer vacation in California! Time is a weird thing. Most of the time it just flies by or, if your sitting in a classroom with a really boring teacher well, time just stops. It crawls. It creeps. Then, after school you go out to the mall and BOOM! It's your curfew already. Time is a weird thing.

I don't quite get this whole New Years resolution thing. Who say's you have to wait until it's new year to start trying to be a better person? I say, if you think of something that would make you a better person, don't wait 6 months before actually trying. But, I guess if a new years means everyone starts being a better person then, I guess it's alright.

Who watched the Rose Parade today? I sure did. I plan to be there next year actually. Can you beleive that some of the floats had over 40,000 flowers on them? Some took about 10,000 man hours to put together. Amazing. Plus, the people who drive the floats can't see a thing! They're just going by what someone out on the road is telling them! "Okay, coming up to a curve here, turn right, now! NOW! NOOO! That's left! LOOK OUT! AAAUUGGHH!" Sorry. A little cruel humor there. :)

Well, I guess that's all for today. Happy New Year everyone! Get going on those resolutions


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