09 December, 2004

In the beginning...

Well it's begun. This is the first entry in the blog of, well, me. But you can already see that so, let's move on. Okay. If anyone would like to criticize me on my blogging technique please do. I am completely brand new to this so, some advice would be much appreciated. I'm really in to computers. I like gaming even though I wouldn't be classified as a gamer, I'm learning programming in REBOL (for all of you who haven't heard of it, see below), I listen to all types of music (from rock to classical), I read lot of books (mostly science fiction/fantasy) and well, blog!

Anyway, about REBOL. You really should check it out if you are a programmer or would like to become one. You can look at
http://www.rebol.com and download the free version. You should also look at the X-Internet and IOS if you own a small buisness or something like one. It's another file transfer system besides all the FTP stuff. Even though there is no free version of that, you still might want to look into it.

Well I'd better get offline. (incredibly slow dial-up) As I said before, please criticize me all you want. I need it. Thanks in advance,


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