10 April, 2007

Awesome Freeware Game: Mono

Rarely do I come across a game that is simple, well designed, and entertaining. Ninety percent of the games out there are complete knock-offs, immensely complex, and downright boring. Occasionally, though, a new game pops up that doesn't steal any ideas. That has a very simple design. That's a lot of fun to play. My latest entry to this prestigious list: Mono.

The object of the game is to invert the color of the background from black to white, or from white to black. You do this by destroying the "aliens" (colored balls). When you kill an alien, a little bit of its' color shows up on the background. After annihilating seemingly thousands of aliens, you win the game when the background is completely inverted.

The only information on the screen is the percentage of the background you've inverted, and even that only fades in periodically. Other than that, you can appreciate the beautiful graphics without interruption. The sound quality is good, too. Overall, it's a very good experience.

Mono is one of those games that doesn't need instructions; You can figure it out within ten seconds of playing the game. It's very high quality; The graphics and sound are amazing. And most importantly, it's fun to play. You'll find yourself saying "Oh, just one more game!"

Simplicity, quality, fun. Mono is everything a game should be.

Mono (5.5 MB)


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